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Some history behind our name

In the mid 1970's Glenn Tenney founded the company that later became Fantasia Systems Inc. In the late 1970's while consulting on medical information systems Glenn Tenney had the idea of building a small jacket-pocket device with an LCD screen, a keyboard (or ideally a touch screen making a soft keyboard), with RF or infrared connectivity for doctors to carry around in hospitals and be able to contact the massive databases at any time or place. This idea was extended so that engineers or executives could carry this device with them around the office and access their computers and data. The intention was to build an executive's apprentice that would be an extension of their mind... to do what they wanted and to learn what that was.

The team was being brought together for this project and Fantasia Systems Inc. was incorporated in January of 1981. Alas, the funding for this project never happened, and the team went off onto other projects. But Fantasia continues to this day providing product development and consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies as well as small startups.

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