Convention at the Capital 1997

The 1997 A-1 Multimedia Convention at the Capital ended on 9 February. Here are some pictures from the convention.

Quite a few members of SAM 94 (Palo Alto, California) attended the convention... so did many EGers.

I've got LOTS of digital photos. I'll try to get as many of these online as I can, but it may take quite a few days (or even weeks) to do so... I'll post a few new ones every so often... These pictures were taken with a Ricoh digital camera sometimes in available light, sometimes with a flash. The full-size images are often over 1 megabyte, so what's here are smaller thumbnails -- because this site is currently running on a slow speed link. A few of the pictures are linked to their full size version...


These photographs are copyright © 1997 Glenn S. Tenney. All rights reserved --- just ask me if you have any interest in using any of these pictures for anything...

I'm trying to list everyone in these pictures, but I've either forgotten some names, can't figure out who's who, or couldn't take a guess at how to spell the names. Sorry for errors!! Please email me any missing or misspelled names and I'll correct these lists.


Most of the performers and lecturers plus a few other people.

Kneeling (l to r) are Paul Harris, Eric Mead, Juan Tamariz, and Jerry Camaro. Behind them, sitting down, are Darwin Ortiz, Simon Aronson, xxxx, Martin Nash, Larry Jennings, and Jerry Andrus. Standing behind Jerry are R. Paul Wilson and Tom Mullica. Sitting on the stage are xxxx, Gordon Bean, xxxx, and Larry's friend. Standing in the Back are xxxx, and Rafael Benatar.

some EG members

There were quite a few EGers at the convention too.

Front row (l to r): Bruce Sandercock, R. Paul Wilson, Jerry Andrus, Palmer Tilden, David Berkompas, xxxx. The second row, all by himself, is Barry Brilliant. The back row is Jeff Haas, Eric Fronberg, David xxxx, Jim Fish, Mark Joerger, Pete McCabe, and Glenn Tenney.


And of course, here's a picture of me with a few "friends"... Ok, maybe they're not friends, but it's a nice picture. (from l to r: Juan Tamariz, Glenn Tenney, Martin Nash, Larry Jennings [below], Larry's friend, R. Paul Wilson)

finney.and.glenn I couldn't resist, here's a picture with me and my "twin"... Michael Finney (well, our names end with "nney"...).

I'm posting some of the MANY pictures I took. I've separated them into a few categories... since there are so many pictures and so little bandwidth on the slow-speed link this is running on. If there are captions missing or incorrect on any of the pictures, please let me know.

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