Saturday Lunches for any and all Magicians
It's been every Saturday (almost) since 1994


Chevy's in Foster City Just Suddenly Closed Their Doors FOREVER!

We'll see if we can find a new place to have our lunches... maybe... maybe...

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An informal get-together for magicians every Saturday.

Since about 1994 Glenn Tenney has organized a weekly lunch for magicians -- no club affiliation, no membership, just a get together of whoever shows up (everyone pays for their own meal). We rarely know how many magicians will show up -- sometimes only two, othertimes three or four, and sometimes eight people show up. These lunches are a great time to talk about magic, try some new tricks out, teach each other, etc. Sometimes some of us have stayed until dinner time.

If you're a magician in (or visiting) the San Francisco Bay area, please join us for lunch any Saturday from about noon (I try to show up 11:45 a.m.) until whenever we decide to leave -- at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant in Foster City (near the San Mateo Bridge). Please try to let me know ahead of time if you're going to be at a Saturday lunch so that I can let other people know that we're expecting a visitor. You can email me: lunch-0602 at

While we try to meet every Saturday, there are inevitably a handful of times a year when no one shows up. So check back here or email me: lunch-0602 at just to be sure.

September 22nd, 2012 - Will be one of those "no lunch" days

When and Where

Every Saturday; from noon (I try to show up around 11:45 a.m.) until whenever; Chevy's Mexican Restaurant, 979 Edgewater Blvd., Foster City, CA 650-572-8441.

From 101 take the Hillsdale Blvd. exit EAST; turn RIGHT onto Edgewater Blvd; turn LEFT into the strip mall just after the next traffic signal (Beachpark Blvd); Chevy's is at the far right rear of that "strip-mall"; when you go inside, ask the staff for the "magicians group" and they'll show you where we're sitting.

There have been one or two Saturdays when all of the "regulars" are out of town and no one shows up... so, it's best to call or email Glenn Tenney ( lunch-0602 at ) or call 650-574-3420 to make sure we know that you'll be coming to the lunch. If we know a visitor is going to be at the lunch, we'll make an effort to get more people to join us for that lunch. On New Year's day 2005 we had a dozen people show up -- two just flew in from Australia, and two were visiting from New England.

Here's a picture of the group that showed up on Saturday 22 March 2008. From left to right: Shintaro KOBAYASHI, Irv Hipschman, Glenn Tenney (standing), Scott Orr, David Egleston (standing), Kent Gunn, and David Nelson. Same corner of the same Chevy's... almost every Saturday for lunch.

Here's an old picture of the group that showed up on Saturday 1 February 1997 (that's me sitting in the middle):


Magicians have come from around the world

Our lunches have attracted magicians from around the world. We've had magicians from all over the US drop in for lunch (Dan Garrett came to our lunch when he was in town) from Germany, Paris, and the Netherlands (and almost Australia, but he couldn't get to the lunch so I met him at the airport...).

In October 1996 we had a dozen magicians from Austria join us for lunch. Usually we all sit around one large round table in a corner, but that lunch was much larger. Here are some pictures of that large lunch... I wonder if the visitors from Austria out numbered us?

Austrians_1 Austrians_2

Austrians_sharing Austrians_sharing2

Al Katten: October 2002 - Al has not been to a Saturday lunch for a year (he's had some medical problems). February 2004 - Al has been in a convalescent facility for most of a year now and won't be to any more of our Saturday lunches. Mid 2006 - Al has been moved to a different facility in San Francisco and definitely will never be to one of our lunches again.

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