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About Glenn S. Tenney CISSP CISM

Mr. Tenney is the founder and CEO of Fantasia Systems Inc. His career has been hands-on at all stages of software and hardware product development and release for products including operating systems; development and security tools; compilers; email systems; database servers; emulators; object-oriented n-tier client/server systems; telecommunications systems; wireless systems; multimedia systems; embedded systems; set-top box video-on-demand systems; and games.

In recent years he's been involved in several major patent litigations as an expert witness and technology adviser. Previously, he developed, implemented, and taught security policies and procedures for design and architecture reviews, code reviews, and reviews of off-the-shelf software for several companies spanning thousands of applications with tens of millions of lines of code.

Before graduating high school, Mr. Tenney was on staff at the Illinois Institute of Technology as a systems programmer developing the compiler for a new computer language and also worked as a systems programmer at American Hospital Supply Co..

His career of over 40 years has included positions such as: Systems Programmer at Illinois Institute of Technology and at Northwestern University, Assistant Director of the computer center at Kendall College, Systems Analyst at A. C. Nielsen, MIS Director's staff consultant at Bell & Howell, Software Development Manager at Software Design Inc., co-founder and President of Software Technology Corporation, a co-founder and Sr. Vice President R&D of Art Resources Inc., Director of Applied Security Engineering at Pilot Network Services, co-founder of several other Silicon Valley startups, as Google's expert witness in software patent litigation, and is currently working with Manatt, Phelps and Phillips as a technology advisor on several patent litigations. For some of his consulting roles, see some of Fantasia's projects.

He's been: invited by U.S. Senate staff to work with them to help troubleshoot and draft copyright inducement legislation relating to peer-to-peer file-sharing technologies; invited speaker to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; invited expert on technology policy and information security to the White House Office on Science and Technology Policy; invited expert to joint Senate and House negotiations developing the DMCA; invited speaker to a Sacramento conference for the judiciary; invited speaker at Boalt School of Law on digital IP issues.

He's also an invited international speaker at many conferences, universities, and on local and nationally syndicated radio and television; interviewed by and quoted in local, national, and international newspapers and magazines; author of many papers and articles; founding host on The WELL. Presentation topics have included security, intellectual property, technology future, creativity, technopolitics, game design, business, intellectual property and privacy in the future.

Mr. Tenney is a past chair of the IEEE-USA Intellectual Property Committee and remains actively involved.. The IP committee is involved in legislation at the State and Federal levels and has provided testimony to Congress, the USPTO, the Copyright Office, and the U. S. Trade Representative.He is a senior member of the IEEE and of the ACM, a member of ISACA, ISSA, InfraGard, IEEE-USA Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee; and has served as career policies editor for “Today’s Engineer”. He has also served on the (ISC)2 group developing and reviewing security professional certification tests.

He was awarded the IEEE-USA’s 2004 Citation of Honor; and was selected by "Microtimes" as one of the top 100 people in the computer industry for 1994.

You can contact Mr. Tenney at 1-650-574-3420 or via email:

gtenney at fantasiasystems dot com
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