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Fantasia Systems Inc. provides expert witness, security, technical, strategic, and management consulting services to companies and government agencies throughout the U.S., and internationally. Projects have ranged from a few days to many months with some relationships lasting for years on a series of projects. We have provided project teams ranging from one person up to more than a dozen people (as needed).

For many years most of our projects have been Internet security or Intellectual Property related. One of our specialties is the design, architecture, and implementation of secure Internet-facing applications. We also can provide one day and longer seminars for analysts, programmers, and project managers on developing securing applications.
Another area in which we specialize is intellectal property and tech-policy issues. We have provided pre-trial litigation support as an expert witness and a technology advisor or several cases (including assistance in preparing for and during depositions of inventors, claim construction charts and tutorials, expert reports, and analysis of documents and source code), and have been involved with the U.S. Senate in crafting copyright and other legislation.

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